Good Afternoon,

It is our great privilege to announce that Insight Co. has officially acquired New Legacy Creative on November 22nd, 2017.

Insight Co. was founded in 2003 in Nashville, TN as just a small family Store front that did Apparel for baseball teams, church events and small project. The company began offering esports dedicated apparel in March of 2017 when they were approached by two eSports thriving people who wanted to see good customer service, high quality apparel and speedy turnaround time offered to the public of eSports. While still focusing on our local store in Nashville, TN. We also pleased to also release that we will be opening a processing factory in Chattanooga, TN to officially open December 15th. The company while offering esports apparel also will be releasing a full military line for our military family and customers in January 2018.

With this news release, i’d like to walk everyone through our plans for New Legacy Creative and Insight over the next few months.

NLC offers a very unique experience for the esports industry and that is top tier, high quality designs. We are pleased to announce under the director of Nathan Levan, the newly appointed Director of Operations for NLC we will be dedicating all NLC resources to making affordable designers available to the public for all items including but not limited to apparel design, social media, company branding and more…

We are also pleased to announce that all teams currently signed with NLC will continue to work with Insight and we will be offering incentive programs to all teams being grandfathered over with this arrangement. Teams will have the opportunity to sales commission payback programs, premium access to our best of the best designers and more.

We are excited about the future for Insight and we cannot wait to continue to offer high quality, affordable and quick turnaround apparel to everyone within the esports industry and out.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you may have about this release.


Austen Roberts, General Manager